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In the pursuit of the four ‘Padas’ of Dharma

The motto of Dharmasamsthan is to preach, practice and establish the four pillars of Dharma – Austerity, Cleanliness, Mercy and Truthfulness. We believe that everyone has his or her role in this enormous Karma-Yagna towards establishing the true rule of Dharma and through Dharmasamsthan, we want everyone to achieve this.

Therefore, the very purpose of our website is to spread the true meaning of Dharma, provide an easy way to avail the items for puja, perform daily and other rituals, offer puja in famous temples, collect donations for spiritual and social welfare activities and build a global community.


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Buy items for puja, festivals, products used in daily rituals and spiritual books sourced from authentic suppliers in India

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Every day we perform Nitya Puja in India. Check our puja calendar and take part from anywhere in the world.

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We accept ‘Contribution’ to spiritual and social causes. You can contribute to a festival, auspicious occasion, special puja, or a social activity
Spiritual Services & Daily Pooja activities

Perform a Hindu Vedic Ritual from Anywhere in the World

To fulfill spiritual needs and for the welfare of self and family, Dharamsamsthan helps everyone to take part or perform puja remotely.

Dharmasamsthan services

Nithya Puja, Homas, Abhishekams, puja and offerings in famous temples in India…


Helping Devotees to offer Puja Online

At Dharmasamsthan, we help people connect with diverse temples across the country, thus enabling them to send their specific puja requests online. Our network of volunteers can take your puja request and perform the entire puja on your behalf, following all the necessary processes which otherwise require you to follow.

For a spiritual consultation, we can help you find and connect with the right Acharya or Purohit.

Now expand your consciousness on multi-dimensional levels like never before!

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