Agastya Uday Date and Timings

Author – Padmaja Vangala

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Agastya Uday Date and Timings (15/9/22  Gonda City)

Rishi Agastya was born in Kumbh a clay pot along with Vasishta Rishi. Both are called Kumbha Sambhav. Agastya Rishi is one of Saptha Chiranjeevi empowered with Astha Maha Siddhi. Hanumanji, Parushuramdev, Vyasa Maharshi, Ashwatthama, and Bali are also Chiranjeevi which means there is no death in their lives.

They are always immortal. Agastya Rushi was born to Havirbhuva and Pulastya Rishi, son of Brahma and great grandfather of Ravana Brahma. Poulateshwara temple is located at Polasa Village in Telangana State.

He married Vidarbha Kanya Lopamudra and she was reborn as Kaveri. His son is Drdhasyu, a great poet. Agastya rishi and his wife performed the sadhana of Sri Chakra with Lalitha Sahasranamam. Agastya Rushi is associated with many temples and holy places. Agastya is a supreme legend with a special legacy and was influenced by Lord Shiva. Agastya Rushi and Lopamudra idols are installed at Srisailam temple.

He performed penance for several years at Garudeshwar near the Narmada River. He is the father of Vedic Siddha Medicine.

He propagated Shaivism, Vaishnavism, and Shaktism. He developed grammar for Tamil Language and is renowned in many languages. Agastya means brightness a Star Canopus. He wrote several hymns in Rigveda.

He played a vital role in Ramayana and Mahabharat. After consumption of food tap the stomach by saying जीर्णम जीर्णम वातापि जीर्णम for three times for digestion. It is mostly chanted for children. He killed two demons Vatapi and Ila in their stomach.

According to Vishnu Purana, Kasyapa Rishi married Thirteen daughters of Daksha Prajapati namely Aditi, Diti, Kadru, Danu, Arista, Surasa, Surabhi, Vinata, Tamra, Krodhavasha, Ira, Kadru, Vishva, and Muni respectively. Devatas were born to Aditi and Surya Bhagwan named Aditya. Demons were born to Diti known as Daityas. Asuras always fight with Devatas for supremacy.

During the nighttime, they used to attack and kill Devatas and hide. Suras are unable to find the whereabouts of Asuras. During that epithetic situation, Devatas met Agastya Rushi who is performing penance near Ocean. They explained the attack of Asuras on them during nighttime and their disappearance after their attempt.

Agastya Rushi with his vision able to locate their hidden place under Ocean. He told Devatas to come early morning during Sunrise. He directed Sun to rise during Uttar Phalguni’s star at the end of Simha Sankranti. The next day morning Agastya Rushi took Ocean water in his hands and converted it into drops by chanting mantras and swallowing the entire Ocean water within no time.

Then the entire Ocean become dry, then demons appeared in the dry Ocean. Immediately Suras fought and defeated them. Thereafter they surrendered and sought the help of Agastya Rishi. He compromised Suras and Asuras and he sent Suras to Devlok and Asuras to Patalok to live with honor. The day Agastya Rushi gave Arghya and swallowed the entire Ocean is Agastya Tara Uday.

According to Gonda city, the Date and Timings of Agastya Arghya Uday are September 14th at 10:27 A M., and Arghya is offered on Thursday, September 15th, 2022. The end of Agastya Arghya timing is 6.18 A M. May 14th, 2023. Timings and dates differ based on location. Devotees who perform Arghya, destroy all their sins and bestow them with Moksha.


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