Bhadrapada Month

Author – Padmaja Vangala

Sri Gurubhyo Namaha
Sri Ganeshaya Namaha

Sri Lakshmi Nrushimha Para Brahma Namaha     Bhadrapad Masam starts from 23rd August to  20th September 2021 in Northern India (Purnimant) & in South India, it is 7th September to 6th October 2021(Amavasyant). Poorva or Uthar Bhadrapada nakshatra appears on Purnima which is 11 & 12 zodiac sign i.e. Kumbh& Meenarasi. In this month Ganesh Navratri celebrations are prominent. Foremost on Shukla Tritya I e  9th September 2021, Harithalika vrat is observed by married women for blissful and happy married life. Unmarried women perform this vrat for early marriage and suitable companionship. It is Hariyaali Teej is Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan. Teej in Chattisgarh, Bali Teej in Odisha, Haritalika Vrat in Maharashtra, Gowri Habba in Karnataka, and Tamilnadu, Swarna Gowri Vrat in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. No Teej vrat is observed in West Bengal and Kerala. Performance of Vrat customs differs from region to region. Matha Parvati refuses to marry Lord Vishnu and runs away to dense forest and performs Tapsya on sand shivling and offers forest green leaves for marrying Lord Shiva without taking food and water on Bhadrapada Shukla Tritya is Hariyaalli Teej.

After performing Vrat Goddess Parvati got married to Lord Shiva and worshipped as Shiv Shakti well known as Dwadashi Jyotirlingam and Shakti peeth and same recited in Vedas and Puran. Teej is observed by women by wearing green saree to perform pooja for blessings of Shiv Parvati and also for wellness of husband and happy marital life. In some regions, women do fast on water or fruits or sago khichdi or even without water. The next day before sunrise sand shivling along with leaves will be immersed in the river. By all means, it is Vrat for women, not a festival. This Vrat is to be started with blessings of mother-in-law or sacred women who performed Vrat or Gurudev or purohit or pandit and to continue for 11 years which ends with vudyapan (success of Vrat).  After Teej follows with Lord Ganesh Navartri from 10th September to 18th September 2021.  Ganapati means head of Ganas. There are several temples in India with its importance. During Navaratri each and every street lane are decorated with sand Ganesh means parthiva Ganapati in different images and concepts. Lalbaugcha Raja, the King of Mumbai is  Maharaj Ganapati in Maharashtra which started in 1934 for fulfillment of desires and wishes ( manokamana)    and celebrations started 90 years ago for construction of Lalbaug market by fisherman a Koli community.

There are also Ashta Vinayak temples in Poona and many tourists visit these temples for darshan during Navaratri. Children celebrate the festival with full enjoyment and the biggest idol every year is installed at Khairabad, Hyderabad, Telangana. Many texts and comic video explains the story of Lord Ganesh. This festival is celebrated by smarthas wherein Lord Ganesh has pundarikam as Tilak i.e.three lines on the forehead. While Vaishnavas Ganapati has Namam on the forehead called Vishwak Sena. Before performing any Pooja or celebrations foremost Lord Ganesh is worshipped for stopping hurdles and to get success. Ganapati Atharva sirshyam is recited during Navaratri. Lord Ganesh is offered with Laddo and Modak which is prepared with coconut powder and jaggery dumplings with wheat flour fried in ghee are famous in Maharashtra. Wherein South India vundralu i.e. rice balls are offered. Durva a grass leaves and red flowers like Hibiscus are favorites to Ganapati. Haridra Ganapati is famous for all occasions and on pushyami day chanting Haridra Ganapati Mantra is for improvement of financial matters. After nine days of celebrations, Ganesh’s idols are immersed in water. The next day of Ganesh Chaturthi is Rushi Panchami on September 11th 2021. This is also Vrat performed by women to remove skins and mistakes during Menstrual periods.

In this vrat buffalo, milk and curd will be consumed. Rice and vegetables are used that are plowed by tractor or human axe but not by animals. On this day Saptharushi Pooja, Swamy Gajanan Maharaj punyathiti, Matsyedranad Jayanti pillar of Nath sampraday, a and disciple of Lord Dattatreya Swamy will be celebrated. Saptharushi Mandal appears in the Northeastern sky wherein Mata Arundhati wife of Rushi Vashistha is also seen. In Hindu mythology after marriage couple will be shown Vashistha and Arundhati nakshatra for blissful married life and their blessings. Even this Vrat is to be performed for 12 years and ends with vudyapan. The next day follows is Surya Shasti on September 12th, 2021 to perform Surya sadhana and Atharva sirshyam. Surya Bhagwan Transit from one rasi to another rasi every month called Sankranti. Out of twelve Sankranti,  Makra Sankranti is auspicious which comes on pushy month during January 14 or 15th every year. Next is Saptami on September 12th evening which is Jyeshtha Gowri Pooja for three days in Maharashtra. First-day Gowri Avahan (invitation) of Gowri after sunset, second-day Mahalakshmi pooja, and third-day Gowri visarjan i.e. Saptami, Asthami, and Navami.  Jyeshtha Gowri is the elder sister of Mahalakshmi which is for cleaning and removal of poverty also called Pedamma and Jyeshtha Lakshmi. Gowri and Mahalakshmi are called Jyeshtha and Shrestha. It is also Vrat to be celebrated every year without break like Varalakshmi in Shravan Masam. High respect and more jewelry to be offered to Jyeshtha Devi than Maha Lakshmi Devi being an elder sister. On Bhadrapada, Shukla Ashtami is also Radha Ashtami celebrations of Radha Devi Birthday.

Next is parivartan Ekadashi on 17th September 2021 along with Vaman Dwadashi and  Bhuvaneshwari Jayanti it is one of Dasa Mahavidya.    Next is Ananth Chaturdashi on September 19th, 2021. On this day Anantha Padmanabha Swamy vrat is performed for 14 years and on last year Vrat will be given to another couple ends with vudyapan. In this Vrat Lord Vishnu sleeping posture idol, Pooja is performed and the temple is in Kerala famous as “Ananth Padmanabha Swamy”. It is the richest temple having a lot of jewelry and in news in recent times. Ananth means there is no beginning and end of the universe and in yoga Nidra, Lord Vishnu rules the universe with Shakti Padmavati Devi known as Kaliyug Lakshmi. On 20th September is Bhadrapad Purina. From 21st September to 6th October is pitru paksha Mahalaya for 15 days. In these days according to tithi of demise person ceremony will be performed. If there is no awareness of the tithi of the demised person on Amavasya day can offer pinda predawn or raw food items will be given to pandit.  Caste is no bar for Puja and vrat. For more details refer Vrat Raj book in Hindi. For other languages contact your nearest pandit. The body is detained but humanity is retained. The wellness of others is our well-being. Maintain and co-operate with covid-19 rules, Stay fit and stay healthy.

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Important Dates

  • 9th September: Harithalika Vrat
  • 10th September to 18th September: Parthiva Ganesh Navratri.
  • 11th September: Rushi Panchami.
  • 12th September: Jyeshtha Gowri Avahan, Surya Shashti, and Balaram Jayanti.
  • 13th September: Mahalakshmi Jayanti and Radha Ashtami.
  • 14th September: Jyeshtha Gowri visarjan.
  • 17th September: parivartan ekadashi and Vaman dwadasi.
  • 19th September: Ananth vrat.
  • 20th September: Bhadra Purnima.
  • 21st September to 6th October: Mahalaya pitru paksha.
  • 6th October: pitru Amavasya.

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