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April 13

Ugadi is a festival which is mostly celebrated in southern parts of India. It is celebrated as a new year day as it is the first day of Hindu lunar calendarwhich falls in the month of March or April. This month is known as Chaitra month or masa.

The meaning of ugadi is derived from Sanskrit words yuga[age]and Adi[beginning]. The celebration is commenced early with head bath early before the break of dawn. Followed by dressing in new cloths, visiting Temple for prayer. Houses are decorated with mango leaves as toran and traditional savories are cooked.

Ugadi Pachadi:

‘Ugadi Pachadi’ is a prominent dish that is prepared on this day. It is deemed to be anti-bacterial and protect us any sort of illness.It is a mixture of six flavors each associated withone emotion.The ingredients used are Raw mango, Neem, Jaggery, Tamarind, Chilly, andsalt. Each associated with emotions of Happiness,Sorrow,Angry,Bitterness, Surprise and Fear respectively.

Ugadi Pachadi is also consumed as a reminder that life is a roller-coaster of emotions with its ups and downs but one shall learn to stay composed during such phases.

Panchanga sravanam:

According to panchanga and Vedic calendar there are 60 years and each year has been named.Every name has meaning to it, readingpanchangam is traditionally important on’ ugadi ‘day.Panchanga sravanam or reading panchangam on ‘ugadi’ day will reveal what is in store for us in the new year.

Panchangam consists of 5 parts, namely, Varam,Tithi,Star, Yogam, and Karnam. Each carries a significance in determining the nature of the day, favorable or un-favorable. It is only with help of panchangam we do all important events like starting new venture, fixing weddingdate,quotidian fasting or varath, Homam etc.

Story of Ugadi

There are many stories related to Ugadi. One of them is that Brahma hasstarted creation on this day, in remembrance of beginning of creation or new beginning ‘ugadi’ is celebrated.Another story related to Ugadi that is said in puranas is that, a demon called Somakasura had taken Vedas from Brahma and hid himself in the Ocean.Everyone brought their prayer to lord Vishnu to save Vedas from thedemon.Lord Vishnu has taken Avatar of matsya [fish] and killed the demon and returned the Vedas back to Brahma.

It was on the day Chaitra SudhyaaPadyami.

This month ofVasanthRuth is when nature is at its beauty which inspires poets tomoldtheirthoughts into beautiful lyrics and poetry.Onugadi day we also conduct‘kavi samalanam’ programs.


April 13

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