Shubh Akshaya Tritiya 2022

Author – Padmaja Vangala

Sri Ganeshaya Namaha
Sri Gurubyo Namaha
Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha Parabrahmane Namaha

According to Hindu mythology, there are four Yug’s. First is Satyug, second is Treyta Yug, Third is Dwaparyug, and lastly kali yuga. In satyug Dharma is ruled by four padas (legs) in Treyta Yug Dharma was declined to three padas, in Dwapar Yug further declined to two padas and finally, one pada of Dharma remained in kalyug .

Therefore the principle of Dharma is being changed according to civilization and culture from time to time. For upholding Dharma for each and every yug Lord Maha Vishnu has incarnated into 10 avatars known as Das avatar, Matsya Kurma, Varaha, Lakshmi Narasimha, Vaman, Parashurama Srirama, Sri Krishna Sri Balarama, and Sri Kalki respectively.

Treyta yug started on Vaisakha Shukla tritiya famous as Akshay tritiya. On this day Sri Basveshwar Jayanti is celebrated by lingayath most popular in Karnataka state and he is the lineage guru of lingayat. Likewise, Parashuram Jayanti is also celebrated all over India.

In Shubhakrutha savatsaram Akshay Tritiya falls on Vaisakha Shukla Tritiya on Tuesday 3/5/22 from 5.18 A.M. to Wednesday 4/5/22 till 7.32 A.M. appears with Rohini Nakshatra. Akshaya means never lessen the wealth and whatever Good Deeds is done multiply in life.

Yugadi is on Akshay Tritiya in Treyta Yug. Hindu Astrology considers Yugadi, Akshay Tritiya, and Vijay Dasami as साढ़े तीन मुहूर्त and the whole day is auspicious with benefic effects. It is a good day for good Occasions. All traditional Ceremonies like Marriages, Thread ceremonies, and Gruhapravesh are also occasioned.

Lord Vishnu is worshipped with all important rituals like Abhishekam, Shodasha upachaara Pooja, decorating with scented flowers, offering new clothes and delicious holy food like milk Kheer, Puran Poli. Sweet Rice, Mangos, and Mango juice. On this day food is offered to Pandits, near and dear to Mangos. To improve prosperity and wealth purchase of gold is compulsory.

For blissful family life, pooja of Kuldevta is a must. Taking bath in the holy river and donating footwear, clothes, Umbrella, Mangoes, Pindapradhanam (death ceremony), and Kumbhadanam i.e. clay pots, but water-related Zodiac signs are prohibited to donate clay pots like Makar, Kumbh, and Meena Rasi.

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Akshay Tritiya on Monday or Wednesday with Rohini Nakshatra is auspicious. Performing Akshay Patra sadhana or any Lakshmi sadhana improves and stabilizes income. In Dwaparyug while Pandavas were in exile and wandering in the forest, Lord Krishna on Akshay Tritiya gave Akshay Patra sadhana to Sati Draupadi for distributing food to all. Thereby she was blessed with Annapurna Siddhi with Akshay Patra Sadhana for endless food.

On Wednesday Akshay Patra and Akshay Shank are placed in the pooja room on a Silver Kalash filled with water and a silver plate filled with unbroken rice is kept on Kalash, wherein Akshay Patra and Shank are placed separately. Every Wednesday old water is removed from the Silver pot and filled with new water. The old water is dizzile in the entire home which improves wealth and prosperity. It is also the Jains Spring festival. It is widely celebrated in Nepal, Jharkhand, and Assam.

Gauri Tritya vrat is observed by women on this day for healthy cordial marital life. Gauri is made with turmeric to perform pooja with Kheer Naivedyam and fasting is observed on this day. After seeing Lord Chandra once again they perform pooja and break their fast. In total it is the day of good deeds by multiplying wealth and prosperity but never diminishing.

Parashurama Jayanti: 3/5/22

Lord Parashurama is the fifth son of Jamadagni Rushi and Renuka Mata. He got four brothers namely Vasu Visva Vasu, Brihudyanu and Brutvakanva. He is the sixth incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu in Das Avatar in Treyta Yug. His forefather is Brughu Maharshi and he is named Brugunandana, Bhargav Rama. He is the disciple of Lord Shiva and Jamadagni Rushi. Lord Shiva gave Axe as a weapon Vidyudabhi known as Parashu.

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Rama with an Axe is Parushuram. This is only Avatar where Vishnu is born without Sudershan Chakra and holds Parashu in his hand. It is another mythology story when Sudershan Chakra feels proud without him Vishnu cannot kill any demon. Lord Vishnu came to know and he cursed to be born as a human being. Thereafter Chakra was born as Kartyaveerjuna a Kshetriya King and devotee of Lord Dattatreya. Parashurama brought 64 families from Northern India to Kerala and was named Bhargava Gotram. He created The Land of Parushrama known as Parashurama Kshetram.

There are seven temples founded by Maharshi Parushram in Dakshina Karnataka namely Naga Temple, Udipi Temple, Sri Vinayak temple, Koteshwar temple, Shankar Narayan temple, Kollur Mookambika temple, and Gokarna temple in Parshu Rama Kshetram. Thereafter 21 times he had conquered the world to kill kshetriyas to uphold Dharma. He also killed Kshetriya King Kartyaveerajuna with Parashu, he attained Mooksha and reached Vishnu as Sudershan Chakra used in Krishna Avatar.

Then with the advice of his father, he prayed to Dattatreya Swamy and performed sadhana to overcome malafic effect of killing Kshatriyas. In Treyta Yug when he met Lord Sri Rama he made him continue as the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu and he left for Kerala. He is one of Saptha Chiranjeevi’s. It is evident today Lord Parushrama is visible, he is alive and lives in Kerala state. He apoeared in Ramayan and Mahabharat. He is the Guru of Bhishma. Drona and Karna.
Basveshwara Jayanthi: 3/5/22.

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He is a Poet of Karnataka and developed Lingayat sect. They worship only Lord Shiva in form of Linga. He is the Lineage Guru of Lingayat. He is a socio-religious reformer called Basavanna, Basveshwara, and Lingayat Guru. Irrespective of caste and gender he allowed all to worship Lord Shiva.

Lingayats worship Bhasma structure as their Shiv Lingam. Men, women, and children wear lingam around their necks and put three lines of Bhasma on the forehead as a mark of Lingayats. They do not worship deity only lingam is worshipped. A Telugu poet Palakurthi Somnath wrote about the life of Basveshwar in Basava Puran. Later on, it was translated into Kannada. Basveshwara temple is also constructed to honor Basavanna.

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