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Wishing You all a Happy New Year with a healthy and prosperous life.
This New year is on Saturday 1st January 2022. The New year celebration starts from 31st midnight at 12.00 and lasts for a week full of fun and enjoyment. People plan to dress up in new attire, decorate their houses and offices with lights and flowers, exchange gifts, express their love by greeting, some people make resolutions, some plan to have get-togethers, and some celebrate it by cutting the cake hoping for a bright future. Irrespective of various Religions, New year is celebrated across the World. It is a Global Celebration.

Happy New Year 2022

New Year celebrations

The New year is based on the Gregorian calendar having 12 months designed by Julius Ceaser. January 1st is the beginning of the new year and a Golden celebrity Number. Prior to this Roman Calendar start from the month of March with 10 months in a year. In spite of this, some States celebrate separate new years based on solar and lunar Thithi.
Iran celebrates New Year in the month of March, while China and Korea celebrate in the month of February. In India, New Year is celebrated based on Lunar and Solar Thithi and also on linguistic, traditional customs. Assam, Bengal, Kerala, Odisha, and Tamilnadu follow Solar Thithi, Wherein some parts of India follow Lunar Thithi, which begins with Chaitra having 13 months. It falls in the month of March and April. In Tamil Nadu, the New year is in the month of April. Diwali is the new year In Gujarat State. Sri Lanka celebrates in the month of April.

Celebration of  New year based on religion:

In Rigveda Samvat means year. New year Calendar originated with Vikrama Samvat started by King Vikramaditya of Ujjain. It is the official calendar followed in Nepal. After that Shalivahana Samvat was followed by Hindus, consisting of Sixty years.

Happy New Year 2022

It is adopted as National Calendar along with Gregorian Calendar which is also followed in India. Hindus New year begins with Baisakhi, Vaisakhi, or Chaitra month which falls in the month of March and April. Christians celebrate New year on January 1st. Jews celebrate in the month of September or October. Islamic new year begins on the first day of Moharam. Buddhists celebrate New year in the month of April. Jain’s Celebrate New year on the first day of Karthik month.
Each Religion celebrates New year based on its traditions and customs, even then, January 1st is followed by everyone all over the world as NEW YEAR.



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