Hara Gowri Siddhi Divas

Author – Padmaja Vangala

Sri Ganeshaya Namaha
Sri Gurubhoy Namaha
Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha Parabrahmane Namaha

Hara Gowri Siddhi Divas (20/02/23)

Mata Parvati Devi is the wife of Lord Shiva and the daughter of Parvatharaja and Menaka. She is worshipped in all main rituals made with turmeric called Gowri representing Sowbhagyam of Indian married women. She performed penance by eating only leaves to get married to Lord Shiva. The next day of Shivratri is Magha Krishna Amavasya called as Hara Gowri Siddhi Divas which means Parvati Devi is made with Haldi and pooja is performed with green leaves. On this day prepare Gowri with Haldi and offer 108 Bilva leaves, Green, white and yellow flowers for prosperity and healthy married life.

Parvati Devi Ashtothra


1. Om Parvathye Namaha
2. Om Mahadevye Namaha
3. Om Jaganmatre Namaha
4. Om Saraswathye Namaha
5. Om Chandikaye Namaha
6. Om Lokajannanye Namaha
7. Om Sarvadevadidevathaye Namaha
8. Om Gowrye Namaha
9. Om Paramaye Namaha
10. Om Eeshaye Namaha
11. Om Nagendra Thanataye Namaha
12. Om Sathye Namaha
13. Om Brahmacharinye Namaha
14. Om Sharvanye Namaha
15. Om Devamatre Namaha
16. Om Trilochanye Namaha
17. Om Brahmanye Namaha
18. Om Vaishnavye Namaha
19. Om Roudrye Namaha
20. Om Kalaratre Namaha
21. Om Tapasvinye Namaha
22. Om Shivadhutye Namaha
23. Om Vishalakshye Namaha
24. Om Chamundaye Namaha
25. Om Vishnusodharye Namaha
26. Om Chithkalaye Namaha
27. Om Chinnmayaakaraye Namaha
28. Om Mahishasuramardhinye Namaha
29. Om Katyainye Namaha
30. Om Kalaroopaye Namaha
31. Om Girijaye Namaha
32. Om Menakathmajayeh Namaha
33. Om Bhavaanyeh Namaha
34. Om Matrukayeh Namaha
35. Om Srimatre Namaha
36. Om Mahagowrye Namaha
37. Om Ramaye Namaha
38. Om Shuchismithaye Namaha
39. Om Brahmaswaroopinyeh Namaha
40. Om Rajyalakshmaye Namaha
41. Om Shivapriyaye Namaha
42. Om Narayanye Namaha
43. Om Mahashakthaye Namaha
44. Om Navodhaye Namaha
45. Om Bhagyadhayinye Namaha
46. Om Annapoornaye Namaha
47. Om Sadanandaye Namaha
48. Om Yavanaye Namaha
49. Om Mohinye Namaha
50. Om Agnyanashudhaye Namaha
51. Om Gyanagamyaye Namaha
52. Om Nityaye Namaha
53. Om Nityaswaroopinye Namaha
54. Om Puspakaraye Namaha
55. Om Purushardhapradaeenaye Namaha
56. Om Maharoopaya Namaha
57. Om Maharoudraya Namaha
58. Om Kamakshaye Namaha
59. I’m Vamadevye Namaha
60. Om Varadhaye Namaha
61. Om Bhayanashinye Namaha
62. Om Vagdevye Namaha
63. Om Vachanye Namaha
64. Om Varahaye Namaha
65. Om Vishwathoshinye Namaha
66. Om Vardhaniyaya Namaha
67. Om Vishalakshye Namaha
68. Om Kulasampatradaeenye Namaha
69. Om Ardhadhukhacheda Dakshaya Namaha
70. Om Ambaya Namaha
71. Om Nikhil Yoginye Namaha
72. Om Kamalayai Namaha
73. Om Kamalakarayai Namaha
74. Om Rakthavarnayai Namaha
75. Om Kalanidhaye Namaha
76. Om Madhupriyaye Namaha
77. Om Kalyanye Namaha
78. Om Karunaye Namaha
79. Om Janasthanaye Namaha
80. Om Veerapathnaye Namaha
81. Om Virupakshaye Namaha
82. Om Veeradhithaye Namaha
83. Om Hemabhasaye Namaha
84. Om Srushti Roopaya Namaha
85. Om Srushti samharakarinye Namaha
86. Om Ranjaye Namaha
87. Om Yavanakaraye Namaha
88. Om Parameshpriyaye Namaha
89. Om Paraye Namaha
90. Om Pushpinye Namaha
91. Om Sadha purasthaeenye Namaha
92. Om Tharormulathalangathaye Namaha
93. Om Haravahanasamayukthaye Namah
94. Om Mokshaparaayanaaye Namaha
95. Om Dharaadharabhavaya Namaha
96. Om Mukthaye Namaha
97. Om Varamantraye Namaha
98. Om Karpradhaye Namaha
99. Om Vagbhavye Namaha
100. Om Devye Namaha
101. Om Kleemkarinye Namaha
102. Om Samvidhey Namaha
103. Om Eeshwarye Namaha
104. Om Hreemkarabheejaye Namaha
105. Om Shambhavye Namaha
106. Om Pranavathmikaye Namaha
107. Om Sri Mahagowrye Namaha
108. Om Shubhapradhaye Namaha



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