Holi – A Colorful Festival of Love

Author – Padmaja Vangala

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Holi is a Hindu festival it gives colors to life by changing misfortune to fortune. It represents the blossom of life In the spring season by the arrival of Vasant. It is celebrated in honor of Brahma Vishnu, Maheshwar, and Krishna. Lord Krishna played Rangautsav, a Rasaleela with his concert Radha, Gopi, and 16,000 gopika’s.

Holi is having mythological stories. Holika is also known as Simhika, daughter of Great Rushi Kashyap and mother Driti, and sister of demon king Hiraanyakashyap and Hiranyakash. Holika’s husband is Viprachitti, the king of the Kamrup Dynasty and they got 2 sons Rahu and Ketu. Viprachitti is incarnation as Jarasanda in Dwapar yug. Holika is paternal aunt of Bhakta Prahalad. The entire story of Holika is related to Bhakta Prahalad.

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Holika’s brother Hiryankashyap, a demon King of Kasyapapuri, now situated in Hinduan, Rajasthan, performed penance for many years and gained a boon from Lord Brahma and he developed enmity with Vishnu Bhagwan as his brother Hiryankash killed in Varaha Avatar. Hirranyakashap wife Kayadu is a devotee of Lord Krishna and her son Prahalad is a devotee of Lord Vishnu. At this point differences and fall of affection changed among them. Prahalad was threatened with dire consequences by his father several times and he was rescued by Lord Vishnu.

Holika got boon of killing by creating a bonfire and she was directed by her brother to kill his son Prahalad. She took Prahalad on her lap to kill with a bonfire, but due to his prayer Vishnu, rescued, Prahalad but she burnt and died in the same bonfire. Her husband Viprachitti got angry by her death and threw Prahalad into the water, but he was saved by Lord Vishnu. Later on, Vishnu took Narasimha avatar and Killed Hiryankashyap. Holika was killed on the day of Phalguna Purnima, therefore Hindus celebrate festivals like Holi, Holikadahan, the mark of death of demon Holika and success over evil.

Holi | A Colorful Festival of Love

Similarly, there is another story for the celebration of the Holi festival. It is corresponding to the Hindu calendar Phalguna Shukla Purnima comes on 17th and 18th March 20 22. Agama Text describes Parama Shiva as the Kama because he provides completeness in everyone’s life. After the death of his wife Sati, Lord Shiva started penance for several years. Rishi, Devatha tried to wake him from Tapasya to perform his marriage with Parvati, but in vain, they fail to do so. Then Lord Brahma from his heart created Manmadha, he is also called Kamadeva, Madan, pushpabana, kandarpa, Ananga, and manasija. After his birth, another son was born to Brahma by the name of Vasanth. Similarly, first, Prajapati Daksha got a beautiful daughter by the name of Rati. Manmadha is shakti of male, while Rati is female shakti. They both give joy, happiness, and youthfulness to all forever. Lord Brahma requested Kamadev to disturb Shiva’s penance to marry Parvati. Manmadha with the support of Vasanth shot five arrows on Lord Shiva, with outrage when Siva opened his third eye Kamadeva was burnt into ashes. After seeing her husband ashs Rati cried to get back her husband alive.

On the occasion of Shiva Parvati’s marriage, Rati requested Shiva to make her husband alive to attend the marriage. Shiva converted ashes into the physical body of Kamadev and they called Rati Manmadha, Rati Ananga, and Rati Kamadeva. He was blessed to take birth as the son of Krishna and Rukmini are known as Pradhyumna in Dwapar Yug. Kamadev was burnt into ashes on the day of phalguni Shukla Chaturdashi night. Since then we celebrate on the night of Holi as kamadhan and Holika Dahan.

Holi | A Colorful Festival of Love

Holi is Siddhi tantric ratri and good for Tantra, mantra, and sabar sadhana. There are 4 tantrik ratris to perform any sadhana. one is Deepavali Ratri, Shivaratri, Holi, Krishna ratri on the day of janmashtami. The bonfire is set on the night of Holi which is similar to homam to vanish past sins to fulfill meaningful desires. A chirmundi is prepared with rock salt, red chilies, small iron nails, Charcoal, jaggery, Biba, dry coconut tied in Black cloth by rotating seven times in circular motion from head to toe with specific mantra is offered in a bonfire to get rid of evil effects. Ash of a bonfire is applied on the forehead before performing sadhana.

There are several Mantra, Tantra, and Sabar sadhana to perform on the night of Holi. Different texts explain the importance of sadhana on Holi night. According to Makarnd Samhitha sadhana on this day gives success in work. Goraksha Samhita says attians sidhhi in any sadhana. Rudrayamala tantra say immediate result in Sadhana.Virupakasha Samhita says improve spiritual life. This year 2022 Holi comes on Poorva Phalguni Star, Thursday which is auspicious for kundalini sadhana, the awakening of Shat chakra. Even though we call Holi festival of colors but it is a festival of colorful life to enlighten spiritual life. These colors improve each chakra to open from mooladhar to sahasra.

In mooladhar it is 4 petals which are pruthvi in nature, yellow in color with shakti’s Dakini. Swadishthana chakra is 6 petals White in color, rakini shakti. Manipur chakra is 10 petals Tejas, red color, Lakini shakti. Anahata chakra 12 petals, Vayu thatva, Kakini shakti. Vishuddha chakra 16 petals, Akash, white in color, Sakini shakti. Ajna chakra 2 petals, influence mind, colorless, Hakini Shakti and sahasra is 1000 petals wherein Shiva is aboded and from mooladhar shakti passes through each chakra and reach Shiva in Sahasra and Shivshakti join and mix for awakening kundalini.

Holi | A Colorful Festival of Love

The next day of holika dahan is Vasant Utsav playing with colors in colorful water, particularly with gulal a pink powder with full fun and enjoyment. This day welcome the arrival of Vasant for the new year Ugadi. People celebrate Vasanth Utsav with passion and excitement by recollecting the story of Lord Krishna who played vasantotsav with his Radha and 16,000 gopika’s.

Krishna while performing rasleela on the occasion of Vasant Utsav, Shiva was desperate to participate in Rasaleela Utsav, then he himself changed into Gopika enjoyed Rasaleela. Lord Krishna suddenly noticed a new gopika performing raasleela but he recognized gopika as his guru Lord Shiva and he honored Shiva with the utmost respect. Thereafter Lord Shiva blessed Krishna as Shodasha Kala Purush, sixteen Kalas (parts), and said Rasa Leela is Maharasa Leela. Lord Rama is only purushotham he got only 15 Kalas in his lifetime. Hanuman celebrated Holi with Lord Rama upon success in war with Ravana.

Holi is celebrated in Kruta Yug, Treytayug, Dwaparyug and Kaliyug. In India Mathura, Brindavan, Gokul, Rajasthan, Gujarat, West Bengal, Udaipur, Mewar places Holi is a grandeur celebration. On this day sweet recipes like puranpoli, Gulab jamun, Rasgulla vada are offered to each other. In some parts it is a ritual to perform Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Vart and distribute Parasdam among friends and relatives. On the occasion of Holi sugar-candy garland, dry Coconut and Dates garland is offered to God, elders, and children. Holi gives new energy with new life for the new year.

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