Maha Shivratri 2023

Author – Padmaja Vangala

Sri Ganeshaya Namaha
Sri Gurubhoy Namaha
Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha Parabrahmane Namaha

Maha Shivratri 2023

Phalguna Krishna Chaturdashi is known as Maha Sivratri and every month it is celebrated as Masa Shivratri. It is believed that Shivling was evaluated at midnight at 12 A.M. and called Lingodhbhava Muhurt. It is also Harihar bhet which means Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu meet together with utmost love and respect. Bilva leaf is offered to Vishnu and Tulsi is offered to Lord Shiva at midnight. There are many puranic stories regarding Shivratri but important rituals are early bath, fasting, Lingabhishekam, Pooja, Sadhana, offering Rudraksh, Bilva leaves, white flowers, and Jaagran with Sankeertana. Dwadasa Jyotirling is a famous temple of Lord Shiva. Offer 108 Bilva leaves or white flowers or Rudraaksh with 108 names:

Lord Shiva Ashtotthara Satha Namavalli

1. Om Shivaya Namaha
2. Om Mahadevaya Namaha
3. Om Sambhavaya Namaha
4. Om Pinakaney Namaha
5. Om Shadi Shekaraya Namaha
6. Om Vamadevaya Namaha
7. Om Virupakshaya Namaha
8. Om Kapardiney Namaha
9. Om Nilalohitaya Namaha
10. Om Sankaraya Namaha
11. Om Soolapaney Namaha
12. Om Khatvaginey Namaha
13. Om Vishnuvallabhaya Namaha
14. Om Sipivisthaya Namaha
15. Om Ambikathanaya Namaha
16. Om Srikanthaya Namaha
17. Om Bhakthavatsalaya Namaha
18. Om Bhavaya Namaha
19. Om Sarvaya Namaha
20. Om Trilokeshaya Namaha
21. Om Srikanthaya Namaha
22. Om Shivapriyaya Namaha
23. Om Ugraya Namaha
24. Om Kapaline Namaha
25. Om Kamaraye Namaha
26. Om Andhakasura Sudanaya Namaha
27. Om Gangadharaya Namaha
28. Om Lalatakasya Namaha
29. Om Kalakalaya Namaha
30. Om Kripanidhanaye Namaha
31. Om Bhimaya Namaha
32. Om Parashu Hasthaya Namaha
33. Om Mrugapanavey Namaha
34. Om Jathadharaya Namaha
35. Om Kailasavasiney Namaha
36. Om Kavachiney Namaha
37. Om Kattoraya Namaha
38. Om Tripuranthakaya Namaha
39. Om Vrushankaya Namaha
40. Om Vrushabharudhaya Namaha
41. Om Bhasmadhulitha Vigrahaya Namaha
42. Om Samapriyaya Namaha
43. Om Svaramayaya Namaha
44. Om Trayimurtaye Namaha
45. Om Anisvaraya Namaha
46. Om Sarvajanayaya Namaha
47. Om Paramatmaney Namaha
48. Om Somasuryagni Lochanaya Namaha
49. Om Havise Namaha
50. Om Yajnamayaya Namaha
51. Om Somaya Namaha
52. Om Panchavraktraya Namaha
53. Om Sadashivaya Namaha
54. Om Vishveshearaya Namaha
55. Om Virabhadraya Namaha
56. Om Gananathaya Namaha
57. Om Prajapataye Namaha
58. Om Hiranya Rethase Namaha
59. Om Durdharsaye Namaha
60. Om Girishaya Namaha
61. Om Girijaya Namaha
62. Om Anaghaya Namaha
63. Om Bhujangabhushanaya Namaha
64. Om Bhargaya Namaha
65. Om Giridhanvaney Namaha
66. Om Giripriyaya Namaha
67. Om Kruttivasse Namaha
68. Om Purarataye Namaha
69. Om Bhagavatye Namaha
70. OmPramathadhipaya Namaha
71. Om Mrutunjayaya Namaha
72. Om Sukshmathanavye Namaha
73. Om Jagadhdwapinye Namaha
74. Om Jagathguruvey Namaha
75. Om Vyomakeshaya Namaha
76. Om Mahasenajanakaya Namaha
77. Om Charu Vikramaya Namaha
78. Om Rudraya Namaha
79. Om Bhuthapathaye Namaha
80. Om Sthanavey Namaha
81. Om Ahirbhudhyanaya Namaha
82. Om Digambaraya Namaha
83. Om Asthamurthaye Namaha
84. Om Anekathmajey Namaha
85. Om Sathvikaya Namaha
86. Om Shuddhavigrahaya Namaha
87. Om Shaswathaya Namaha
88. Om Khandhaparashavey Namaha
89. Om Ajaya Namaha
90. Om Pashavimochakaya Namaha
91. Om Mrudhaya Namaha
92. Om Pashupathaye Namaha
93. Om Devaya Namaha
94. Om Mahadevaaya Namaha
95. Om Avyaya Namaha
96. Om Haraye Namaha
97. Om Pooshadhantibhidhey Namaha
98. Om Avyagraaya Namaha
99. Om Dakshadwaraharaaya Namaha
100. Om Haraya Namaha
101. Om Bhaganetrabhidhey Namaha
102. Om Avyakthaya Namaha
103. Om Sahasrakshya Namaha
104. Om Sahasrapadhye Namaha
105. Om Apavargapradhaya Namaha
106. Om Ananthaya Namaha
107. Om Tarakaya Namaha
108. Om Parameshwaraya Namaha

Iti Sri Shiva Astotthara Namavali Sampurnam.



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