Margashirsha Purnima | Swamy Dattatreya Jayanthi

Author – Padmaja Vangala

Sri Gurubhoy Namaha
Sri Ganeshaya Namaha
Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha
Parabrahmane namaha

Birth of Dattatreya Swamy:

Swamy Dattatreya is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu born on Margashirsha Purnima. His parents are Rushi Atri and Sati Anasuya. He got two brothers one is Rushi Druvasa and Lord Chandra. His sister’s name is Madhumathi. In the year Plavanama, Dattatreya Jayanthi falls on 18th December,2021.

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Names of Swamy Dattatreya:

Dattatreya is also named as Avadhutha, Digambara, Anaghaswamy, Sachithananda Swaroop, Sripada Vallabha.

Disciples of Dattatreya:

Swamy Dattatreya is the Guru of Nath Sampradya. His disciples are famous as Matsyedranad, Gorakhnad and Navanath. Karthyaveerajun is King of Heyadi dynasty. He is also called Sahasra Arjun and disciple of Swamy Dattatreya. He tied Ravana to bullock cart and took him to his kingdom. Lord Parushurama avatar of Lord Vishnu is also disciple of Lord Dattatreya.

Life style of Swamy Dattatreya:

Swamy Dattatreya everyday takes bath at Varanasi. He performs Tapasya and Sadhana at Kolhapur. He takes alams (Biksha) at Mahoor. He rests at Girnar (Sahya).

Places of Swamy Dattatreya:

There are 108 Piligrim temples all over India. Among which, famous are Sree Kshetram Gangapur, Girinar, Narashima wadi and so on.

Manuscripts of Swamy Dattatreya:

Dattapuran is history of Swamy Dattayreya. This puran can only be read by men disciples. Woman are not permitted to read Datta Puran. Datta mala mantra is famous mantra of Dattayreya. Dattatreya Vajra Kavacham is another famous recital of Dattatreya Swamy. To avoid and overcome 108 types of disease, one can chant Vajra kavacham for one thousand times. First time, Swamy Dattatreya has given this vajra kavacham to Daladana mahamuni.

Family of Swamy Dattatreya:

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Swamy Dattatreya is named as Anagha Swamy and his wife name is Anagha Devi as Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi. He got eight sons, who are called as Astha Mahasiddhi’s, named as Anima, Mahima, Laghima, Garima, Prapti, Prakramya, Ishtiva and Vashtiva.
Swamy Dattatreya started Guru parampara and for the first time, he has given his Paduka to his disciple Karthyaveerajun. To attain siddhi, worshipping paduka is more important than idol worship. On the day of his Jayanthi, Abhishekham is performed and his idol is kept in cradle and cermony is performed. His Jayanthi is celebrated at 12 noon (afternoon) by offering mix of flowers and Gulal (pink powder) with chanting mantra dighambara and dighambara.

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