Laksha Chandi Yaagam

1) Ganapathi Homam.

2) Navagraha Homam.

3) Chandi sapta sati parayanam (can take up to 6 months at  15 ruthviks reciting Daily).

4) Navarna mantra japam (more than 10 Crores for 6 months).

5) Laksha Chandi Yaagam with 101 Homa gundam.

6) Annadanam.

या देवी सर्व भुतेशु शक्ति रुपेन सस्मिथा नम: |
तस्ये नम: तस्ये नम: तस्ये नमो नम:||

Meaning :

We bow to the divine Goddess in all existence who resides
in the form of energy.
We bow to her, we bow to her, we continually bow to her.