Pitori Amavasya

Author – Padmaja Vangala

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Pitori Amavasya

27th August 2022 Saturday

Shravan Amavasya is known as Pola Amavasya, Pitori Amavasya which is an important festival dedicated to buffaloes performing Vrushabha Pooja. Cows are worshipped on Krishna paksha Dwadashi as Govatsya Dwadasi. It is well-known that Nandi is Vahan of Lord Shiva. It is mentioned in epics that Nandi is a brave end ardent devotee of Lord Shiva.

Once upon a time demon, Andhakasur occupied the abode of God and Goddesses. He further planned to occupy Indra Lok, then all Devi and Devatha requested Lord Shiva to protect them from his evil acts. Lord Shiva accompanied by Nandi fought with Demon. During battle Nandi was affected with a wound and blood was flowing from his body, his skin is swinging like a flag.

Even then he supported Lord Shiva until he killed Lord Andhakasur. Lord Shiva appreciated and felt happy for his support to killing the demon Andhakasura and was blessed with boons. Nandi requested to give his blessings. Andhakasur was killed on the day of Shravan Amavasya with the help of Nandi, so this day is dedicated to buffaloes, and Vrishabha puja is performed on this day.

Further, Shiva blessed that on Shravan Amavasya any cow or Buffalo born is considered as Kamdhenu. Then Lord Shiva explained how to perform pooja in detail. Ghodhulivela it is time when cow returns home between 5 to 7 P M., Clean cow and buffaloes with scented water, decorate buffalo horns with gold, silver, and precious gems, then offer multi-color cloths on back, tie ghanta around the neck.

If not possible prepare delicious food like Pooran Poli made of Jaggery and Channa dal stuffed in wheat flour roti cooked with Ghee. Prepare chegodi with rice flour and vada with chana dal. Offer Kheer and Vegetable curd chutney. Not even possible to offer bananas and chana dal with Jaggery. This pooja is a grand celebration for farmers as they help in cultivation.

It is also called Pitori Amavasya because of the worship of household items including pulses and vegetables on Shravan Amavasya. Further Women and children are protected from tropical diseases by village Goddess Poleramma, Pochamma, Maisamma, and so on. It is said to be Pola Amavasya. Therefore, it is a celebration for all corners of life.


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