Power of Rudraksha

Author – Padmaja Vangala

Sri Ganeshaya namaha
Sri Gurubhoy namaha
Sri Lakshmi nrusimha para brahmane namaha

Power of Rudraksha

Shiva means death never reaches him. He is not mortal. He is immortal. Sati was reborn as Parvati, but Shiva remained the same. जो शव नही बनसक्ते वही शिव है. He is an advocate of Mruthasanjeevani Vidya and Ischia Mrityu Vidya. Mruthasanjeevani Vidya mastered by Sukracharya and icha Mrityu attaIn by Bhishma Pithamaha.
Lord Shiva is courage and good-hearted in giving a boon to his disciples whether he is Devatha or demon. His mercy can be obtained by performing Abhishekam, Chanting panchakshari mantra, Bhasma Dharana, and Rudraksha.

Abhishekam is the most auspicious ritual to Lord Shiva. It is performed with Panchamrutham and with bhasma and Rudraksha water. Bhasm is prepared with ashes of dried cow dung. Cowdung consists of sixteen varieties of ayurvedic leaves. Bhasm is applied to 32 or 16 or 5 parts of the human body. Lord Shiva resides in Burial Ground Smashan and he applies Chittabhasma fresh ash to the dead bodies. Even today at Mahakaleshwar in Ujjain, Madhyapradesh, Chittabhasma Abishekam is performed early morning. The ashes are brought by Aghori to the temple, first, he himself applies them to his body then he performs Abhishekam to Mahakal. All devotees have darshan of Aghori and Chittha Bhasma Abhishek.

Power of Rudraksh

Lord Shiva himself wears Rudraksha on his body. At the time of Shiv Tandav, two droplets from his eyes has fallen and formed into Rudraksha. Rudraksha itself is Lord Shiva. It forms with two words Rudra and aksha. It formed with the vision of Rudra. Lord shiva also helps his devotees with his Power of Rudraksha and wears it with a lot of respect and devotion. Rudraksha is ruled by planets and plays important role in zodiac signs. It is clearly mentioned which Zodiac sign is headed by what type of rudraksha. The followers of Shiva are Shaivate and Smart wear Rudraksha and offer pooja to both Lord Shiva and Shivling, wherein lingayat wear Shivling around their neck and perform pooja to only Shivling.

There is 21 faced Rudraksha, Ekamukhi is more important. Panchamukhi Rudraksha is widely used for performing sadhana and wearing Rudraksha Mala to control Blood pressure. Gauri Shankar rudraksha, Ganesh Rudraksha and Madhurupena Rudraksha are auspicious in sadhana.

Each rudraksha is prominent and gives respective results. Ekamukhi Rudraksha is believed as Lord Shiva and it results in happy family relations. Two-faced rudraksha is Ardhanarishwar and it maintains a healthy marital relationship. Three-faced Rudraksha is Agni Devatha and cleansing of past sins. Four-faced rudraksha is Lord Brahma and gives wisdom and knowledge. Five-faced Rudraksha is Kalagni Siva and improves spiritual life. Six-faced rudraksha is Kartikeya Swamy and helps in educating children and protect from evil effects.

Seven-faced rudraksha is Mahalakshmi Devi and gives prosperity with good health. Eight-faced rudraksha is Lord Ganesh and result in development in spiritual, materialistic, and in practical life. Nine-faced rudraksha is Nava Durga and blessing by Shakti. Ten faced rudraksha is Lord Vishnu and success in politics. Eleven-faced rudraksha is Lord Hanuman and gives peaceful mind and success in sadhana. Twelve faced is Lord Surya and improve business. Thirteen-faced rudraksha is Lord Indra and gets blessed of Kamadev. Fourteen faced Rudraksha is Lord Srikant and give salvation to reach Lord Shiva. Fifteen to Twenty-one faced rudraksha are important in Tantra sadhana.

Panchakshari Mantra: Namaha Shivaya is performed with Pancha Mukhi rudraksha mala. Panchakshari’s mantra is five-faced Rudra. Panchakshari stotram is an important recital in Shiva Pooja. While performing Rudraabhishekam Rudraksha water is poured on Shivling. With Rudraksha, Homam is performed and Bhasma is also used to improve health and overcome illness.

To acquire prosperity and wealth there are various Lakshmi Sadhana with rudraksha, on Gouri Shankar rudraksha sadhana is performed to maintain happy cordial relations. In Tantra Shastra Madhurupena Rudraksha is used to stop evil effects and also get immediate money i.e. Akasmika Dhanprapti which results in 24 hours. In Sabar sadhana also Rudraksha is used to attain its siddhi. Rudraksha helps to improve health, wealth, prosperity, business, politics, education, knowledge, and wisdom.

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