Durga Chalisa

Durga Chalisa


It is believed that chanting Maa Durga Chalisa daily helps the reader receive protection and guidance from Maa Durga herself. In specific, devotees identify multiple benefits with reciting Maa Durga Chalisa everyday .

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Book: Durga Chalisa
Publisher:  Manoj Publications
Number Of Pages: 64
Language: Simple Hindi
Product Id: BI2018-7

Benefits of Reading Durga Chalisa

  • Gain all forms of emotional and material happiness
  • Gain peace of mind just like ancient yogi’s &saints who were devout worshippers of goddess Durga.
  • Develop the ability and strength to face & defeat the enemies.
  • Develop the mental strength to deal with Hope, Despair, Passion and all other feelings like calmness and Composure especially in a different situation .