Durga Chalisa

Durga Chalisa

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It is believed that chanting Maa Durga Chalisa daily helps the reader receive protection and guidance from Maa Durga herself. In specific, devotees identify multiple benefits with reciting Maa Durga Chalisa everyday .

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Book: Durga Chalisa
Publisher:  Manoj Publications
Number Of Pages: 64
Language: Simple Hindi
Product Id: BI2018-7

Benefits of Reading Durga Chalisa

  • Gain all forms of emotional and material happiness
  • Gain peace of mind just like ancient yogi’s &saints who were devout worshippers of goddess Durga.
  • Develop the ability and strength to face & defeat the enemies.
  • Develop the mental strength to deal with Hope, Despair, Passion and all other feelings like calmness and Composure especially in a different situation .