Lord Bhairava and Goddess Bhairavi Homam Shared

Lord Bhairava and Goddess Bhairavi Homam Shared

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Lord Bhairava Homa :
The Kala Bhairava is one of the eight fierce Bharaiva manifestations of Lord Shiva. He is decorated with serpents around his body, wears a garland of human skulls around the neck and carries the trident in his hand.
He carries a head that according to the Puranas is the fourth head of Lord Brahma. It is said that Lord Shiva cut off this head of Brahma as the Kala Bhairava to teach him a lesson.The Kala Bhairava is indestructible and as the vanquisher of death, he is the master of all time.
If you are incapable of doing the right thing in the right time and also in time, you will be a complete failure. Invoking the blessing of the master of time will give you the much needed Divine push to manage your time fruitfully and also rescue you from the unfortunate eventualities that time brings.

Goddess Bhairavi Homa :
Goddess Bhairavi also known as AdiShakthi.
She is as equal and powerful as the male cosmic representation of Lord Shiva. Once you attain her feet,she not only frees you of the struggles you undergo in this current life, but also blesses you to be free of any further births that are destined for you. Goddess Bhairavi is the fierce form of Shakthi goddess and her primary duty involves removing evil forces from the earth that cause disturbances to devotees. It also helps to experience peace of mind from potential threats and risks.