Special Chandi Homam (Performed on Next Chaturdashi)

Special Chandi Homam (Performed on Next Chaturdashi)

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Chandi Homam : ( Performed on  Next Chaturdashi )

A Chandi Homam is a prominent Homam and one of the most powerful one for getting Over all Success in all undertakings and also for removal of all kinds of Doshas and Obstacles in one’s life. This Homam also supports a person in getting Victory over Enemies and in Court Cases. In this Homam, an extensive Puja and Homam are carried out for Lord Durga Devi. In this Homam, Goddess Durga Devi is Worshiped as a 2-10 year old Kanya (Girl) and hence girls from the same age group are worshiped during this puja and homam. All the other incarnations of Lord Durga Devi also worshiped during the Chandi Puja and Homam.

Everyone of us face troubles at one or the other time in our life. At that times, we are able to deal with them by utilizing our Intellect, Hard work and Dedication. But sometimes, in spite of our best and maximum efforts, we are not able to solve our problems which may be negatively affecting our entire life and at times, even the lives of all those who are most near and dear to us. Such times, we should approach for help of Divine Intervention so that we can lead a Happier, Healthier and Wealthier Life Full of Peace.