Sri Guru Anjaneya Homam

Sri Guru Anjaneya Homam

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Lord Hanuman is the eleventh Rudra or the divine incarnation of Lord Shiva who symbolizes strength and loyalty. Lord Hanuman’s divine power also provides you with courage and inner peace. He helps protect you from both foreseen as well as the unforeseen dangers. Curses and ‘evil eyes’ can be warded off with his blessings.

Lord Hanuman is the destroyer of enemies and evil forces.
Hanuman homam plays a key role in ensuring protection by eliminating potential threats and risks. Hanuman homam for achieving success in all endeavors to obtain optimum results. Hanuman homam is a suitable one for getting peace of mind from perils and other problems in an effective manner.
Anyone who wants to clear doshas, negative forces and wrong combination of planets in a horoscope can perform this homam to live a problem less life.