Sri Surya Narayan Yantram (Small size)

Sri Surya Narayan Yantram (Small size)


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1.The power of Surya, the sun god, is conceived of as dispelling darkness both spiritual and earthly, and it is said to help in curing disease, heating and illuminating the world

2.As per the ancient vedic texts, Surya is father of Manu (progenitor of the human race), Yama (lord of death), the Asvins (twin celestial horsemen), Karna (great warrior of the Mahabharata), and Sugriva (king of the monkeys). Sun stands for power and authority.
3.When one is deprived of happiness through termination of service, suspension or through opponents or diseases etc., then such difficulties are overcome and cure from disease is attained with good health through Pooja of Surya Yantra, as per our ancient vedik texts.Surya Yantra enhances the peace of mind, the worshiper gets favor from superior & officers.

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