Prosperity of Life

Author – Padmaja Vangala

Sri Ganeshaya Namaha
Sri Guru bhoy Namaha
Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha Parabrahmane Namaha

Prosperity of Life

God is Divine, Divinity is pure.
People around us often wonder how to become prosperous in their life. The best solution is to give up laziness and work hard. Performing Pooja on Friday will help them achieve more results for their hardships.

What is the significance of worshiping Lakshmi on Friday? In the Hindu pantheon, Lakshmi Devi is regarded as a goddess of prosperity.
Lakshmi Devi a Hindu deity. Why Lakshmi Devi is worshipped on Friday how Venus is related to Lakshmi Devi? For both of them, the father is Brighu Maharshi.

It is believed that she has been absorbed into three numbers as a part of Trishakti. There are many stories about Goddess Lakshmi in mythology. Bhrigu Maharshi has come to be regarded as her father and Khyati her mother.

She has two brothers, Dhata and Vidhata. The planet Sukra is also the son of Bhrigu Maharishi and Kavya Mata. The worship of Goddess Lakshmi is to appease Sukra Graha as both are cousins. The planet Sukra was born on Parthiva Shravana Shukla Ashtami on Friday. Therefore Friday is an auspicious day for Lakshmi Pooja.

Those who are born in Kritika Nakshatra, Poorva Phalguni, and Poorva Ashada or passing Sukhra Mahardasa or exalted Sukra or Lakshmi yog or born on Friday are blessed to worship Mata Lakshmi every day or at least Friday for prosperity. Lakshmi Devi is also known as Deepa Lakshmi as she resides in light. It is said that Pooja on Friday is the light to guide one’s life and can also fly through the darkness. Sukra Graha is also known as Sukracharya, the Guru of Asuras.

Bhrigu Nandan represents Sukra and Bhrigu Nandini represents Lakshmi. In South India, Shravana Shukravaram, the Friday before Poornima is Sawan month, is celebrated as Varalakshmi or Varada Lakshmi. Lakshmi Devi is worshipped in different forms in different States. The Bhadrapada Shukla Ashtami is widely known as Mahalakshmi Jayanthi and Radhaashtami in geographic areas.

As mentioned in Brahma Vaivarta Puran and Padma Purana, Vaishnav culture consider Radhadevi as Lakshmi but Mata Rukmini is an Avatar of Lakshmi Devi. Ashwin Amavasya is Deepavali a global festival of Mahalakshmi a grandieur celebration. Kartik month is believed to celebrate with clay lamps as Deepa Lakshmi.

Kritika Nakshatra seems on Kartika Purnima called as Kartik month. Kritika star is ruled by Venus Planet i.e.Sukra Graha a cousin of Lakshmi Devi. The Lord of Kartik month is Venus, Shukra Planet. Kartika Amavasya is Lakshmi Jayanti. Next comes Margashirsha Thursday is ascertained as Sampada Lakshmi Vrat in Odhisa State or Vaibhav Lakshmi vrat to appease Goddess Lakshmi and they consider Thursday as Lakshmi Varam.

Diwali is occasioned to appease forefathers by offering Pitru tharpan and Pinda Daan. Each factor is roofed in one box and blessed life is a gift of Lakshmi prapti. Even after exhausting all wealth and prosperity without penny, worship of Lakshmi changes misfortune to luck. The prosperity of Life stems from the law of Karma and Mata Lakshmi governs the law. Perform Lakshmi Pooja on Friday with 108 flowers, Lakshmi arathi and offer milk with sugar and Putna dal with jaggery and distribute among all.

Dhyan:. Lakshmi ksheera Raja thanayam srirangadhameshwareem,
Daasibhutha samastha Devavanitham lokayeka deepaamkuram,
Sri manmandha kataksha labhdha vibhava brahmendra gangadharaam
Thvaam trilokya kutumbineem sarasijaam vandhe mukundha priyaam.
Sri Lakshmi Ashtothara Shatanamavali 108 Names.
Om Prakruthyai Namaha
Om Vikruthyai Namaha
Om Vidyayai Namaha
Om Sarva Bhootha Hitha Pradhayai Namaha
Om Sharddhayai Namaha
Om Vibhuthyai Namaha
Om Surabhayai Namaha
Om Paranathmekayai Namaha
Om Vaache Namaha
Om Padmalayayai Namaha
Om Padmayai Namaha
Om Suchayai Namaha
Om Swahayai Namaha
Om Swadhayai Namaha
Om Sudhayai Namaha
Om Dhanyayai Namaha
Om Hiranymayai Namaha
Om Lakshmey Namaha
Om Nitya Pushthayai Namaha
Om Vibhavaryai Namaha
Om Adityai Namaha
Om Dipthyai Namaha
Om Deepthayai Namaha
Om Vasudhayai Namaha
Om Vasudharinyai Namaha
Om Kamalayai Namaha
Om Kanthayai Namaha
Om Kshamayai Namaha
Om Ksheerodha Sambhavayai Namaha
Om Anugraha Pradhayai Namaha
Om Bhuddhayai Namaha
Om Anaghayai Namaha
Om Harivallabhayai Namaha
Om Ashokayai Namaha
Om Amrithayai Namaha
Om Deepthayai Namaha
Om Lokashoka Vinashinyai Namaha
Om Dharma Nilayayai Namaha
Om Karunayai Namaha
Om Lokamatrey Namaha
Om Padmapriyayai Namaha
Om Parmahasthayai Namaha
Om Padmakshayai Namaha
Om Padma Sundrayai Namaha
Om Padmodhbhavayai Namaha
Om PadmaMukhyeh Namaha
Om Padmanabha Priyayai Namaha
Om Ramayai Namaha
Om Padmamala dharayai Namaha
Om Devyai Namah
Om Padminyai Namaha
Om Padmaghandinyai Namaha
Om Punyagandhayai Namaha
Om Suprasannayai Namaha
Om Prasadhabhi Mukhyai Namaha
Om Prabhayai Namaha
Om Chandravadanayai Namaha
Om Chandrayai Namaha
Om Chandrasahodharyai Namaha
Om Chaturbhujayai Namaha
Om Chandra Rupayai Namaha
Om Indirayai Namaha
Om Indusheetalayai Namaha
Om Aharladajabanyai Namaha
Om Pushthayai Namaha
Om Shivayai Namaha
Om Shivakarthyai Namaha
Om Satheyai Namaha
Om Vimalayai Namaha
Om Vishwajananyai Namaha
Om Pushtayai Namaha
Om Daridrya Nashinyai Namaha
Om Preeti Pushkarinyai Namaha
Om Shanthayai Namaha
Om Shuklamalyambarayai Namaha
Om Shriyai Namaha
Om Bhaskaryai Namaha
Om Bilva Nilayayai Namaha
Om Vararohayai Namaha
Om Yashaswinyai Namaha
Om Vasundharayai Namaha
Om Vudharangayai Namaha
Om Harinyai Namaha
Om Hemanalinyai Namaha
Om Dhanadhanyakarthey Namaha
Om Siddhayai Namaha
Om Strainya Sowmyayai Namaha
Om Shubha Pradhayai Namaha
Om Nrupa Veshyagatha Nandhayai Namaha
Om Varalakshmyai Namaha
Om Vasupradhayai Namaha
Om Shubhayai Namaha
Om Hiranyaprakaryai Namaha
Om Samudrathanayayai Namaha
Om Jayayai Namaha
Om Mangalalayai Namaha
Om Vishnu Vakshasthala Sthithayai Namaha
Om Vishnu Patnyai Namaha
Om Prasannakshyai Namaha
Om Narayana Samasrithayai Namaha
Om Daridrya Dwanshineyai Namaha
Om Deveyai Namaha
Om Sarvopadrava varinyai Namaha
Om Navadurgayai Namaha
Om Mahakalyai Namaha
Om Brahma Vishnu Shivathmikayai Namaha
Om Trikala Gyana Sampannayai Namaha
Om Bhuvaneshwaryai Namaha
Ethi Sri Lakshmi Ashtotharam Sampurnam.




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