Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2021

Author – Padmaja Vangala

Sri GaneshayaNamaha!

Sri Lakshmi NrushimhaParabrahmaneyNamha. Sri Krishna Janmasthami (Jayanti Yog). Shravan/Bhadrapada Krishna Ashtami 30/8/2021. The human soul is Atma Known as Jeevatma. The supreme soul is Paramatma. A thought by Paramatma works as Mahatma. “Bhagwan preached Bhagwat Geeta to his Bhakth (disciple). Bhakti recited Vishnu Sahasranamam to honor Bhagwan.

Bhagwat Geeta contains 18 chapters. Out of it, 11th Chapter is important which teaches about Karma yoga. Karma yoga helps to attain & reach Paramatma. “Sri Krishna ParamatmaNamaha”. Among all God and Goddesses, Lord Sri Krishna is called Paramatma, being a Universal Soul. “Sri Krishna ParamatmaNamaha”.

This year, Sri Krishna Janmasthami is more auspicious coupled with Jayanti Yog. The difference between Janamasthami and Jayanti is Krishna paksha Asthami is Janmasthami. When Krishna paksha Ashtami along with Rohini Nakshatra is Srikrishna Jayanti. Smarthas Celebrates Ashtami Tithi and Vaishnavas celebrates Rohini Nakshatra day. Therefore, this year Sri Krishna Jayanti is celebrated on Shravan Somvar (Monday) whereas Lord Shiva Pooja will be performed along with Srikrishna Jayanti (Hari Hara Pooja), moreover birth of Mahamaya, daughter of Yashoda and Nanda, worshipped as Shyma Sister of Sri Krishna, known as Ashtabhuja Kali and Vindhyavasini Jayanti is celebrated. In Agni Puran Maya is worshipped as “Arya Durga, Veda Garbha, Ambika, Badhra, Bhadra Kalyapi, Kshema, Kshemankari, Naika Bahu Namamitham.” In some parts of India, it is celebrated after his birth in the morning and at other places, it is celebrated during the birth hour as Lord Krishna born at Midnight 12.00. As celebration devotees offer a mixture of gulal (pink powder) flowers and dry rice. This is the only festival celebrated across the world. During this festival lakhs of devotees visit Mathura Vrindavan, Dwaraka, and Gokul (Gokul Asthami) which becomes a carpet of devotees and devotees recites Jai Sri Krishna.

Devotees visit at least to touch the soil of Holy places. Even today in Vrindavan, Onion and garlic consumption is prohibited and killing of Cow is not allowed. Mathura Vrindavan is scattered with several temples to commemorate Lord Krishna. Children and elders dress up in cowboy attire and woman like Radha Devi. Radhakrishna dresses are famous and Sri Radha Krishna is called Thakurji and Thakura. Devotees enjoy festivals by singing and dancing devotional songs. Sweets are prepared with milk like Peda, Rabdi many more. We All are familiar with the birth of Lord Sri Krishna, being 8th son of Devaki Vasudeva. Some Devotees celebrate at Home and some visit Temples to attend celebrations of Sri Krishna Jayanti. In whatever way you celebrate as a Human nothing is important than life.

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