Tulsi Vivah Or Ksheerabdi dwadasi pooja

Author – Padmaja Vangala

Sri Gurubhyo Namaha.
Sri Ganeshaya Namaha.
Sri Lakshmi Nrushimha Parabrahma Namaha.

Tulsi Vivah Holy Basil Plant in Kartik Mahina. According to Hindu mythology Tulsi plant is useful for spiritual rituals and also got its medicinal value. Particularly in Kartik month Tulsi plant is worshipped as Goddess Lakshmi. During this month Morning and evening different types of Rangoli is drawn before Tulsi plant, oil clay lamps are arranged and then devotees break their fast. Everday in temples devotees are offered with Tulsi water as Holy teertham. Even Tulsi water is given to person before his death saying Govinda Govinda.Tulsi mala is offered to honour Lord Vishnu. Vishnu Sahasranamam is performed with Holy Tulsi leaves. Inspite of this on Shivaratri day Lord Shiva is offered with Tulsi leaves and Lord Vishnu is offered with Bhel leaves.

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Tulsi Plant


A story of Amla and Tulsi plants. On 15th November, 2021 is ksheerabdi dwadasi or chilku dwadasi. On this day Lord Vishnu wakeup from yoga nidra. Lord Vishnu looks after stithi. Tulsi Vivah is performed from this day to Kartik Purnima. This day is end of Chaturmasa Deeksha. In kartik Month Lord Vishnu called as Damodar and Lakshmi as Radha. Tulsi is worshipped as Lakshmi and Gooseberry tree( Amla) as Lord Vishnu called as Radha Damodar. In evening Tulsi plant and Amla plant are placed together and decorated with flowers.

According to Hindu rituals Pandit perform marriage ceremony and after marriage distribute food to Devotees Days of Light Kartik month. Ghee wicks are lighten on Amla fruit. Oil clay Deepa malika or Jwala thora nam is arranged before Tulsi plant. Children and elders enjoy to play in moonlight and fires crackers. Lighting oil clay lamps is considered as Deepa Lakshmi. (Deepam) Light is breaking night making bright. It also removes negative energy and convert into positive energy. Lighting oil clay lamp is enlightment of wisdom ( Vigyan Jyoti). It is related to panchabhuta tattva. Akasha deepam is hanged in front of house to welcome Lakshmi matha. It is keen to notice on amla fruit ghee Wicks are arranged to honour Lord Vishnu. For Lord Lakshmi Oil clay lamps are arranged before Tulsi plant. In this month 365 wicks of lights arranged. From diwali to end of kartik month is day of lights. In this pandemic be careful, follow covid-19 rules, maintain social distance, stay healthy, stay fit and enjoy festivals. Do Log on our website Dharmasamstha.com. Auspicious dates.




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